CLEAN FAST ALBANIA sets available to customers a highly qualified staff, both professionally as well as from a technical, consisting of specialists in the the cleaning sector. Able to handle every environment; the implementation of DDD of services; polishing; washing any surface of glass, marble, etc.; cleaning and polishing of escalators (via machine dedicated to this service and the relevant cleaning products) etc.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is done by special devices that allow intervention in any type stature, to respond to any customer request. Direct supervisor of this service is the Technical Director of CLEAN FAST ALBANIA: Mr. Shkëlqim Likaj, specialist trained in Greece and a 20-year-old area of experience in this sector. Machinery products and solutions are Italian and German, which ensures even more quality service.

Garage Cleaning

The garage cleaning is carried out by a specialized staff through special machines owned by the company. The staff has several years of experience in this field and extensive knowledge of the methodology of work, as well as the operation of machinery. Always intended to be performed work in a more efficient manner and within a record time.


The company also owns options in accordance with the Albanian legislation to carry out wholesale and retail trade of construction materials, solutions, materials, miscellaneous goods, machinery, dedicated to the cleaning sector or even the food.


The service of Disinfection-Disinsection-Deratization is performed using the most innovative products in the world, licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, coupled with technical sheet of use and the relevant permit, based on norms and standards HAÇP’s. Products used, professional Italian and German are products that do not contain toxic side effects do not pose to human health, animals or plants, do not leave marks on the surfaces of treatment. Services are provided for each type of surface and environment expert team of CLEAN FAST ALBANIA diagnoses the problem and provide solutions ensuring the provision of a high degree of hygiene, enabling elimination of germs, disappearance of insects and parasites in all environments, the use of ecologically advanced sanitary and hygiene, according to the directives of the Albanian State HAÇP European standards and the WHO. To ensure maximum protection, it is necessary to pursue a continuous program of identification, inspection of the affected environment and hygiene measures. The ongoing monitoring, control and maintenance of the environment.

Offices & Studios

CLEAN FAST ALBANIA besides the quality and efficiency in record time of committing every kind of cleaning service for offices and studios of any sector. Also provides staff with the necessary qualifications to perform the work in the most professional manner, in a qualitative manner, taking more account of the principle of confidentiality and being as discreet and avoid any comment about the work.

For shopping malls and garages the firm also provides environmental maintenance through special machines, which are used by qualified staff best. Which happens to TEG, ETC, Kristal Center.